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Why Solar?

Solar energy systems are designed to gather the sun's energy and transform it into electricity. It only takes six to nine years for a typical solar house in Wisconsin to create enough electricity to offset the initial cost of the solar electric system; depending largely on utility rates. After that, the electricity will be free. Meanwhile, prices for electricity from fossil fuels will continue to rise. Every time the utility rates increase it reduces the payback time for solar.

In addition to the solar system's ability to pay for itself, incentives can lower the cost of installing your new system by as much as 42%. These savings generally cover about half of the system's cost and the other half is quickly refunded over time with the decrease in cost of the utility bills. On top of all this, choosing solar panels for your Wisconsin home is taking a huge step towards energy independence and away from our state's primary source of electricity, coal and nuclear.

  • Installing solar panels in Wisconsin adds value to any home or building and pays for itself for years to come without adding taxable value.
  • Solar panels for homes in Wisconsin are an environmentally responsible choice. Wisconsin's electricity is primarily generated with coal, which is extremely harmful to human and environmental health.
  • Federal and State Incentives can reduce the cost of installing a solar system considerably. Review our Incentives and Economics page for more information.
  • Solar is a time tested and proven technology and our panels are backed by a 25-year warranty. The life expectancy of solar panels in Wisconsin in 40+ years. Be secure in your investments.
  • Photovoltaic Systems is a NABCEP - Certified solar professional contractor of Wisconsin and brings almost four decades of industry experience to the table.