Electric Vehicle Installation: Driving on Sunshine

Are you looking to throw off the shackles of predominantly gas-powered vehicles? Good for you! And thanks for thinking of the well-being of our environment!

You now need a car charger for that electric vehicle.

PV Systems is happy to install any type of electric car charger for you while complementing your lowered carbon footprint. Our certified electrician can help you decide what type of charger is best for your residence.

Driving on Sunshine

Aside from simply installing the charger, you could also get a solar array so that your car is running off of electricity powered by the sun. This would lower your carbon foot print even further and make the most economic sense. Fuel your car with sunshine.

Photovoltaic Systems is certified by Tesla to install Tesla wall or pedestal chargers for Tesla vehicles. 

James Kerbel (the owner of PV Systems) recently wrote about his switch to an all-electric vehicle:

Electric Vehicle Installation, PhotoVoltaic Systems, LLC Amherst, WI

Vehicle transportation is a high carbon pollution producing sector of the world. I have wanted to zero out this carbon pollution from my lifestyle for some time

In 1992, I bought a new 1992 Geo Metro. We drove it for two years as a gas-powered vehicle. In 1994, I took an EV conversion course from Solar Car Corporation in Florida. This course taught five of us how to do a successful EV conversion. We bought all the parts and came home ready to do three EV conversions. Once I completed the Geo Metro conversion to an EV (all electric vehicle) I charged the lead acid battery from my large grid-tied solar electric system.

We drove that metro for four years as a commuter car only. The car had great performance: very fast with rapid acceleration. The only draw-back was the lead acid battery maintenance and 60-mile limited range. In the end, we decided to sell it and wait for the next generation of battery to come out.

Well, it has been 21 years of waiting, but now I have a Tesla Model S. I only charge it with green solar electric power: no carbon pollution anymore! This Tesla goes way beyond what I had been expecting. We have about 2600 miles on the Tesla now and it uses 304 watts per mile. This turns out to be 2 ½ times better than our 50 MPG Prius. Now that is efficient driving! (Update: As of January 2018 my Tesla has 13,860 miles on it. After some winter driving, the average from the start is 349 watts per mile.)

Just think how much carbon pollution could be saved if more people drove an EV and charge at night off the utility.

In my opinion, driving my Tesla on sunshine is the only choice. Using a solar electric system to charge; this Tesla will give a payback for the solar system of 3-4 years. (There are variables due to utility rates.) Most folks have no idea how advanced the Tesla Model S is. My range depends on how fast I drive. On the freeway, my range is 170-200 miles per charge (70-85 MPH). In the city, my range is far longer or about 240-300 miles per charge

(25-40 MPH). City driving is one area where a gas or diesel car produces the most carbon pollution.

My goal in life has been to reduce my carbon footprint to zero or as close as possible. So please come drive on sunshine with me. Be part of the solution! For more info please drop me a line. No obligation, just information. ()