Wednesday 29 August 2018

Upcoming Solar Tour

Posted by at 9:26 AM

Saturday October 6th is the Wisconsin Solar Tour, part of a National Solar Tour!

If we've installed for you, think about becoming a host site for the solar tour so you can help to inform others about what it is to be a homeowner with solar and to show off your system.

If we haven't installed for you yet, take a look through the sites and see if there are any near you.

Photovoltaic Systems will be hosting a home at 1925 Church St. in Stevens Point. We encourage anyone interested in solar, for their home or business, to stop by. We will be available to answer any solar questions you have. We have a roof mounted utility tied solar electric system on site. We also have a Tesla wall charger system, and will have a Tesla Model "S" and Model "3" on site during the tour. Both Tesla cars drive 100% on sunshine.