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Solar Panel Installation and Service from Photovoltaic Systems

Federal Tax Credits:

PV Solar Systems for Home or Busieness

Federal tax credit for residential customers is 30% of total system cost gets subtracted from federal tax due. Any unused amount from the first year carries to future years until used up, no sunset. The federal tax credit for business is 30% comes off your federal tax due and depreciation is: 1st year 50% (this reduces your taxable income), second year is 25%, 3rd year is 12.5%, and so on until fully depreciated (5.5 years).

Wisconsin Focus on Energy grant program:

The Focus on Energy grant applies to both residential customers and business customers for 2014. The grant is on a first come, first serve basis and grant funds are limited.

This Residential grant is based on the size of the solar array installed.Grant is $600.00 for every 1000 watts solar modules installed and is limited to $ 2,400.00 max.

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Solar Panel Installation and Service from Photovoltaic Systems

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